Hello <!channel>, We got a big announcement today...
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Hello <!channel>, We got a big announcement today. The first-ever GMP community live event will be happening on the 14th of July next week on Zoom with a special guest, @Lidia Vijga from Decklinks. The topic will be: "Key learnings from processing sales decks from 500 B2B companies" stay tuned tomorrow for more information about the event in the #growth-events channel. Because the topic of our first community event will be connected to B2B sales. Today's weekly question poll: What are your biggest challenges in B2B sales? 1️⃣Undefined Sales Process 2️⃣Lack of Content 3️⃣Prolonged Sales Cycle 4️⃣Data Overload 5️⃣Lack of Customer Confidence 6️⃣Poor Customer Retention or Expansion 7️⃣Technological Deficiency 8️⃣Lack of Training 9️⃣Other (Write in thread)
5️⃣ 9
3️⃣ 8
2️⃣ 3
6️⃣ 3
4️⃣ 4
1️⃣ 12
7️⃣ 3
8️⃣ 2
👍 5
9️⃣ 3
How does one attend this Zoom event?