Daily Growth Tip: Leverage "forced choice" to atta...
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Daily Growth Tip: Leverage "forced choice" to attain desired outcomes People frequently avoid making choices. To achieve certain goals and get users off the fence, force a choice. When Steady asked their users to link their bank accounts, they had a 93 percent drop-off rate. This rate climbed by 63 percent when they used forced choice in their language (from 7.1 percent to 11.6 percent ). Originally, the content was, "Access our free income tracker," and the options were "Let's do it" and "Maybe later." They modified it to "Please accept or deny our free income tracker," with options to "Accept" and "Decline." This required consumers to make a decision rather than deferring it until later, which resulted in more people integrating their bank accounts. Another factor was that "Decline" seemed more permanent and costly. It should be emphasized that the user could still reject the request by clicking an X button.
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Actually, that's a great idea! As my services are currently freelance I have to modify it a bit differently... Perhaps something like this for freelance work: "We can either start next week or you'll be on your own with this project." Hm...I dunno...that might sound a bit threatening. 🤔 I guess a nicer modification might be, "Without my development services I see it's quite a struggle for you. You're welcome to go without them, but I'd love to help you out." That sounds nicer.