Harsh Gupta

01/11/2023, 9:14 PM
Customer Success is a goldmine that most marketing teams don't fully utilize. (more in threads)
You have an endless supply of marketing campaign ideas sitting right in front of you, ripe for the picking. It's your Customer Success team. CS is a goldmine that most marketing teams don't fully utilize. Here is an example: Create a FAQ list where CSMs add REAL questions from customers. Now work with them to turn each of those questions into content that addresses those real issues at scale in the market. This will not only bring in new leads but also help in retention of current customers. How? Potential customers are searching CS queries because their current product help articles are not enough or non-existent (most cases). So you come across as a solution that provides great support after sales. Current customers choose to find a solution either in the help article or google. If they google, and many times your article or video comes at top, they will stay loyal. Create a lot of CS videos and share them on your social media channels. These videos will also help in youtube SEO as well. You could also make blogs around it, provided those queries have enough volume and low keyword difficulty (which is usually the case). In one of our brands, Cliently, we have written over 50 long-form articles and consistently get 30-40 new signups a month from them. Easy, I know. But leveraging existing customer touchpoints to create powerful stories is table stakes that a lot of teams need to catch up on.