We have built a landing page that is getting high ...
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We have built a landing page that is getting high click through and getting people to hit the purchase tickets button, but when people get to the next page they dont complete the Stripe checkout. Its maybe 1/20 who get to the checkout that actually convert. Does anyone have any feedback on why this might be happening? Page is here: https://good.film/goodtix/self-love-dayte
What's the funnel before this? Is this from cold traffic ads. Because I'm certain this is because it's really unclear on exactly what you're getting and people click "Get your $15 tickets" expecting a lot more information and just being asked to pay Think about the questions you have when you want to go to the cinema; What movies are on? Where is it playing? What time is it? None of these are addressed so you need to be super clear that this is basically a voucher you can use at any of the given locations and for any film etc (at least that's what I assume because it's not explained - if it's in the FAQs that's too late, this is the core information people will need to convert, I'd expect, so it has to be crystal clear what they are paying for)
thanks mate thats good feedback
similar to what other people have said
I've had the same issue in the past. 4000 clicks. No conversions. Fully agree with Chris.
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